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New kitchen chairs

A few weeks ago I posted about my first painting project with my new kitchen table. 

I finally solved the chair dilemma. 

It wasn't as cheap as I had wanted, but I do love them :) 

I decided to go with the Ingolf chairs from Ikea. They're the perfect knock off to ones at Pottery Barn. 

Aaron Side Chair, Alfresco Brown finish

I was able to buy the 4 chairs from Ikea for about $200. One chair from Pottery Barn is over $250. That's a steal of a deal I'd say :) 

I really didn't want to even spend $200 on new chairs, but we needed chairs badly and I couldn't run around town anymore looking for thrift store finds or even better deals. 

I took two chairs from our now dysfunctional dining room to use at the ends.

I'm not really sure what's going to happen to our dining room now, but we had to have our kitchen put back together so we could actually eat there. 

It sat like this for too long. 


I know some of you aren't a fan of Ikea. I love pairing their pieces with others to make a more high end look. I also love that Ikea really tries to make pieces similar to other popular and more expensive pieces, but with a more affordable price tag. Other than having to put everything together, I really am in love with Ikea!

The white of the chair doesn't match exactly with my table paint. I debated repainting the table with the "Ikea White" paint match that Decor Chick posted about a while back

Ikea White Paint Formula | www.decorchick.com

But it's not way off so for now I'm still loving my Lacquer Spray paint job from Rustoleum

One more shot of my chairs with my newly painted table. 

Do you see another project I've been working hard on?? If you follow me on facebook you've seen a few hints!  


Fence and outside space update

This past week was our Spring Break. Hubbs took the week off to spend with me and Little Man, but we had a major project that we were determined to get finished: THE FENCE.

I posted a few months ago why we chose not to DIY this project. We still had plans to stain the fence ourselves as well as work on a bunch of other backyard projects. 

Do you know those projects that you say won't take that long, but they take 5 times longer than you thought they would? *Curse* This was one of those. We thought we could finish staining the fence in a weekend. Well at almost an acre, I really don't know what we were thinking. It took a weekend to do 3 of the 6 sides and then it sat like that for over a month. 

(I  apologize to our neighbors who had to look at it like this for that long! ohhh and let's not talk about the grass either...)

We had a ton of rainy weekends and visitors in town so we were unable to get it done. Well I can FINALLY say that after taking the week off, hubbs is finished with it! 

It looks amazing and I can't wait to get out there and enjoy the yard even more now. 

We decided to go with a solid color stain made by Behr. 

It's thicker than regular paint and has a 15 year life (fingers crossed!). We did have to rent a professional paint sprayer to apply it. It was so worth the added cost because we would have been here until next year trying to get it done if not! We ended up using a little over 20 gallons of this stuff. It wasn't cheap, but we're hoping we will get at least 10 years out of it! 

The color we chose was called Padre Brown. I think it looks so nice against the color of our house. (This was after 1 coat and t definitely darkens as it dries too). 

Hubbs also worked on a new swing set for Little Man. 

More details on this later :) I can't wait to show you more of our outdoor projects! 

It includes this beast! 

annnnd this pile of junk. 

as well as this! 

We're hoping for some nice weather in the weeks ahead so we can work on all of our outdoor projects! 

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New kitchen table (and my first post baby painting project!)

I've been itching to paint something for quite a while. I haven't had much time to refinish any furniture pieces because Little Man takes a lot of time. Also, I never have a 3-4 hour block where I can actually paint a piece and clean up my mess! Last weekend hubbs was around the whole weekend and was able to help with Little Man so I could get this project done. 

I've been wanting a new kitchen table for quite some time now. Our old one just wasn't cutting it with a new baby. It was a high top table and the chairs were very heavy. This was the best picture of our table I could find and it's only the corner! 

With his seat in place, we could only fit 3 other people at the table. If we ever had friends or family over, lots of people had to end up standing. Since a new table wasn't in the budget, I did something I'm always guilty of doing. I shopped from another room and I took our dining room table.

I knew I wanted a very durable surface. I also wanted it to be white and have a sheen so it would coordinate with our cabinets. Being on a time constraint, I needed something fast as well. 

The wonderful people at Rust-oleum were so kind to send me lots of their Lacquer Spray paint in white. This stuff is the bomb I tell ya! 

It was so easy to spray on with my spray gun handle and it dried to the touch in about 25 minutes.

 I was able to do 3 coats on the entire table in just a short amount of time.

 Because it's lacquer spray, it made a hard, shiny finish on my table, which is great when you have a little one starting to eat real food! 

It wipes off so easily and looks great too! 

Right now I haven't completely decided on the chair situation. I've been eyeing up a few different choices, but I don't really want to drop $200 on new chairs. 

The Ingolf from Ikea is one of my favorites, but I know Ikea whites are hard to match. 

The other one I've been eyeing is from Big Lots of all places. 

I love the teal/blue and I think it would look great with my island. I'm just not so set on the style of the chair yet. 

Both chairs are about $50 a piece so I'd be out $200-300 depending on it I went for 4 or 6 chairs. 

Hubbs likes a whole other option of having benches. But with kids I'm not sure benches are the best option. 

This frugal momma isn't quite sure about that yet so I'm hoping another option will appear! 

Overall I love the "new" table and I'm so happy to be back to painting again! 

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