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Wants for my home

Do you have a "want list" for thing for your home? Maybe it's written down or maybe it's stored in your head with the other 1,234,682 things....or MAYBE it's in a board on Pinterest.

That's where mine is stored and I wanted to share some of it with you today.

Every antique store/thrift shop/flea market I go to, I look for one of these

This would look great in our Master bathroom to hang towels on.

I'm also determined to make an upholstered headboard this summer, but if I happen upon one of these at an amazing deal, I won't complain!
I also stalk Craig and his List daily for these
 The nesting tables I have now are metal with a stone top, and I really want wood ones.

Another item on my wish list is a khaki pull out sofa.
I found this one at JcPenney and it's half off this week (which is a GREAT DEAL!) but it's still $569, which isn't in the budget right now.

Do you have wants for your home? How do you prioritize what "wants" come first?


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beautifulswagstore said...

You could dismantle a wooden step ladder, sand it, paint it, and seal it for the towel holder. I too want one

Christine Case said...

I think we both have wish lists 2,303,390 items long! We need a thrifting date soon. I've been noticing thrift stores all over the place lately. Near me on Roswell Road there is a huuuuge store called "Antiques and Interiors" that I'm hoping will be a treasure trove like that Queen of Hearts place. If I get a chance to investigate it I'll let you know how it is!

The Painted Parlor said...

I want to get into the whole pinterest thing but I'm afraid it'll be another thing to suck away my time! You have great taste :)


Melody said...

I love the ladder and the tables. My list is long, very long. Blessings, Melody

alicia_teague said...

I have been wanting to make an upholstered head board for two years and something always knocks it off the "list". Found kaki couch on Craigslist the other day...might want to look. My want list grows my leaps and bounds everyday! Now if my pay check would grow to match it that would be great.

About A Mom said...

Hi! It took us forever to buy a new sofa last year. I scoured for months until I found the right deal. New follower from the friday hop! I would love for you to stop by http://aboutamom.com to say hi & return follow! :)

Grandma Bonnie said...

I have a long want list for my home. I am sure I won't ever get half of it.
New follower from Boost my blog Friday. Hope you follow back.

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