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12 Crafty days of Christmas: Guest Bloggers from At the Picket Fence

I am very excited for our bloggers today. Heather and Vanessa blog over At the Picket Fence. These two were some of the first bloggers I "met" when I started my own blog. They are two of the most genuine bloggers you'll ever meet, they are amazing at visiting so many of the blogs during their weekly link up parties, and they have a Spiritual connection they love to share on Sundays. They also happen to be sisters! So take it away ladies :)
We are so thrilled to be Guest Posting here today at Before Meets After!
When Lisa asked us to be apart of her 12 Crafty Days of Christmas Series we were just so honored and went right to work coming up with some ideas which we hope you will be able to incorporate into your own Holiday Decor whether it is this year or next. 

First up is Heather.  

I LOVE the Dollar Tree when it comes to finding inexpensive ways to create fabulous home decor.  I think the Dollar Tree often gets the bad rap, but I find with a little searching, creativity and ingenuity you can create some amazing projects!  For example my Dollar Tree Jingle Bell Wreath!

These jingle bells are part of this year's line of Dollar Tree holiday decor.  I thought they would be perfect for creating one of my three Dollar Tree wreaths this year!

Jingle Bell Wreath Tutorial


5-6 packs of Dollar Tree assorted Jingle Bells (may vary depending on size of wreath)
1 pack of the matte silver Jingle Bells
One wreath form (Dollar Tree carries these if you can find them, if not any wreath form you have or can purchase.  I had a Styrofoam one I used)
White ribbon (again any you have or can be purchased at Dollar Tree in craft aisle)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Begin by wrapping your wreath form in ribbon on the diagonal.  Your goal is to cover up the wreath so that none of the wreath form is peeking through the bells,  it does not have to be too perfect.

Next take all of your bells out of the packaging and mix them together so you have an assortment to choose from. Begin to hot glue your bells to your wreath form in random patterns 

Be sure to cover the outer and inner edges of the wreath form so that the wreath looks full and well covered.  You can layer some of the bells by gluing them to each other as well as the wreath.  

Use a large section of ribbon wrapped around the wreath at top to attach wreath. 

And that's it! Inexpensive but so pretty! 

You can see the other two wreaths of this three part Dollar Tree Wreath today over At The Picket Fence!

Now, let's see hear from Vanessa!

On one of my shamefully many rare trips to Tuesday Morning, I discovered a Candle Holder which almost jumped off the shelf right into my cart! Don't you hate it when that happens? But, when I discovered the price tag on the bottom I knew it would not be coming home with me.

As I dreamed about how perfect that candlestick would be in my home, it dawned on me that I could attempt to make one of my own. Now, keep in mind, I've never been the most crafty gal so even thinking about it was a stretch for me! 

I began hunting down old, cheap candlesticks which I could use for my creation. You can find these at almost every thrift store and they were quickly given a few coats of paint and a light distressing.

Once painted, these are the only supplies you will need to make a

Stacked Candlesticks:

2 candlesticks of your choosing
Gorilla Glue
 Small Dowels (or even chopsticks would work!) 
An ornament or decorative ball with a foam center.

To be certain your candlestick won't topple over, I recommend using a taller one as the base and a shorter one on top.

All of the candlesticks I found had small holes already but you could also drill holes into them if necessary.

Pick the spot you want to have as your "middle" and push the dowel into the ball until you are able to get it through the foam core.

Now, if this had a larger hole, I would simply use another dowel in the bottom candlestick. But, since this one was so narrow I ended up using a toothpick instead. It was the perfect fit!

The other end of the berry ornament was then pushed onto the toothpick. 

The shorter candlestick was turned upside down and placed on top of the dowel in the berry ornament.

Each section was then secured even more with a dab or two of Gorilla Glue.

And there you have it...a Stacked Candlestick!

Cost of the one I saw at Tuesday Morning~ $20
My version~ $6!

And, of course I had to make another one! 
This time using a Glittery Pine Cone ornament.

These ended up being much taller than I originally imagined and I had a slight fear of using real candles up that high and surrounded by my berry branches.

These simple battery operated candles were the perfect solution!

And there you have it!

Thank you again Lisa for inviting us to hop over the "Fence" and share our Christmas Crafts with your readers today! 

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  1. Thanks so much again Lisa for having us hang out over here today! :-)

  2. Hi Lisa! What a fun place you have here! And I love those girls too! :)
    Okay, I LOVE the jingle bell wreath AND the candle sticks!
    And I LOVE Your W moss wreath! Too cute!
    Let's team up and have a party sometime!

  3. I am so going to totally do the candle sticks!! That is so awesome! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Love these projects. The wreath is seriously adorable.

  5. You know I love these two ladies and their projects are always great! I love both the wreath and the candlesticks!

  6. Great work on each designs made so beautiful.


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