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I was such a REBEL this weekend

Noooo....I didn't do anything bad.
I got a new Canon Rebel T3. I am in love. I played with it all day Saturday and Sunday instead of doing work. Hey, let's face it. It was 20 degrees in GA and it was way to cold to work on furniture and I had no motivation to do school work!

Within an hour I had already made a polka dotted camera strap for it and taken about 300 pictures. I think the hubbs was annoyed.

So while my family relaxed, I played!

I read about 8000 pages of instructions and finally decided the only way I was going to learn how to use it was practice, and maybe sign up for a class.

*Hubbs if you're reading this that's a HUGE birthday hint*

I started by taking some pictures outside, but I got too cold!

So I moved back inside until my 4 legged babies couldn't handle any more pictures.

I feel like I have so much to learn! Anyone have any good websites or links on where to start?

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Mrs. S said...

We got a canon rebel for Christmas! LOVE IT!! I'm also trying to learn how to use such a sophisticated piece of equipment. Good luck, keep us posted!

Ange said...

Yeah for you! :) I pinned a few tutorials under my camera board on pinterest and hubby has been checking a few of them out and practicing with the camera. We are also going to take a class either through Ritz camera where we purchased our camera or through the community classes offered in town. Looking forward to seeing your photos with the new camera, I love your puppy pics!

Sarah Burton said...

Oh my gosh congratulations!! I'm so jealous.

Terri @ Creative Eyedias said...

Go to Digital Photography School - www.digital-photography-school.com. They have all kinds of assignments and articles and it's a cool place to learn.

Robin said...

I LOVE my Rebel. I seem to take more pictures with my iPhone, though!

I have been following you via email for some time now. I just grabbed your button to put on my blog.

Give me a visit. I have a giveaway going on!

robin :-)

Nelly said...

I got one today They are called Canon Eos over here,Mine is a week early 25th anniversary present all set up ready to go am trying to not touch it till next week Oh its hard will I make it? lol

Lori said...

I just got the same camera for my birthday a few months ago, isn't it awesome? There are some great websites around - just search pinterest and the digital photography school website mentioned above is also great. I find the best way to learn is just to play around. Just pick one shot, keep shooting and change the settings each time, and then compare how each different photo came out and you'll learn what works best. I know I've only touched the tip of the iceberg with mine, but learning is half the fun :-)

Shan said...

So Hubby gave me a coupon for a new DSLR camera for Valentine's Day. My Son knocked my Nikon D60 off of the kitchen counter and onto our travertine {sp?} tile floor. It still worked for a while, but now it's bit the dust. I've been sort of coveting the Canons for a while now. Mainly because every time I ask someone who takes great photos what camera they are using, it's usually a Canon. So thus begins my research journey. I'll have to add this camera to my list of maybes. The photos look great! You did great on the camera strap too! Happy Valentine's Day!

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