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Pure Bond Laundry Built-in Cabinets

If you follow me on Facebook you saw hubbs and I purchasing PureBond plywood at Home Depot.

 We purchased it for our laundry room shelves. 

Yep. Those shelves are finally built. 

Hubbs and I spent an afternoon making the cabinets for this small space. While he was making the cabinet, I was working on the table top of my aquarium stand!

To make the cabinet, we measured the space and then subrtacted 1/2 in from each size because that was the depth of the PureBond plywood we purchased.

We chose PureBond Plywood for a few reasons
1. It's made in North America. I always try to choose products that are made in the USA, or even locally if I can.
2. It's a green product. It's formaldehyde free, whcih makes the air we breathe better!  
3.  It's stainable and paintable and very easy to work with.

For the back, I knew I wanted to use beadboard, and we had some that was leftover from our island

Hubby started cutting the Pure Bond plywood facedown so we had a nice finished edge.

He used Liquid Nails to glue all the pieces together and then screws to finish it off. I could have sat on this little cabinet and it wouldn't have budged. It was that solid. 

Of course a DIY project isn't DIY without a fail.

When we carried the cabinet upstairs, hubbs did such an amazing job building it, he didn't take into account the uneven walls we discovered with the crown moulding

So this cabinet took a lot of banging, cursing, and whining to get in, but it finally did!
(It's actually up there with no screws in this picture! It was that tight of a fit. But don't worry, we did put them in for safety's sake. )

 We spent the next day adding trim around the whole thing to give it a finished look.

After we were done, I realized the $40 cabinets were looking yellow and dingy next to the new white shelves and trim. So off came the cabinet doors and I used my favorite primer, Zissner, to give it a base coat.

I put the doors back on and sprayed the old gold knobs with some leftover Krylon spraypaint. Everything looks brand new!

I used some leftover glass containers to hold my Tide To Go Pens and some clothespins. You can also see my DIY laundry room sign from an old cabinet door. It was hanging on the wall, but I decided it looked better on my new shelves!

The basket on the top holds dryer sheets.

I finally have a place to put all my laundry and cleaning supplies. And they're not on my guest room floor anymore. 

We went round and round about adding a drying bar like some of you had suggested, but let's be honest. I teach first grade and I'm on the floor. My clothes constantly have marker, paint, etc on them. When I'm not in work clothes, I'm in WORK clothes. So there was no need for a clothes hanger :) But it would have been cute!

We can't wait to finish off the laundry room! Here's where we are on cost so far.....

What it would have cost
What I spent
DIY laundry sign
Purebond and trim

I am dying to finish up this room so I can move on to the next project! 

Here's the Before Meets After

10 Comments - Add a Comment:

ange said...

Looks great!!! Love the pic of the two of you with your tools hard at work in the garage. Can't wait to see the rest of the laundry room!

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

Awesome! Love the beadboard in the back. It looks very professional!

Dena said...

wow - look at y'all with power tools...i'm the idea person (i mess up painting) our laundry room still has the "flat sheet curtain" up
but that will give me time to find some cute stuff! looks great! totally green with envy :)

Sarah Burton said...

Love it! Looks so good!
PS I'm jealous of all your Tide To Go Pens

Eclectically Vintage said...

I love open shelving and your addition fits perfectly - love your Tide Pen collection!!

Betty@SouthernGrace said...

It looks great. Good job!

Shayna said...

Lisa this looks awesome! Love the bead board in the back of the shelves!

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

Looks SO good. We are at about the same stage in our laundry room and DYING to just finish the thing!

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