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DIY Ombre Valentine's Day Heart Tree

To say I'm obsessed with these is an understatement. 

Maybe it's because they took a bajillion hours to make and I have burn marks on my fingers.  

But they were a labor of love! Get it..love....I know corny. But I'm allowed to be after spending so much time on these! 

The best part, they cost my under $10 to make! 

Here's what you'll need:

3 glass candlesticks (I got mine from DollarTree)
3 different size foam trees (Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupon)
Heart Picks (Dollar Tree)
Various color paper (I already had this on hand, but I saw a pack at Michael's for $3.99)
Heart punch, Cricut, or Silhouette that can cut heart shapes
Hot glue gun

First, hot glue the candlestick to the bottom of the tree form. (Trust me, do this step first. It's impossible to make these without the candlestick on the bottom. I may have attempted the first tree this way, and it was not fun!) 

Then load your Cricut with paper and set it to make as many hearts as will fill the page. My pages were 9X 12 and I could fit 24 hearts at 1.5 inches. 

Now for the tough part......Walk away, eat a snack, come back, put new paper in, walk away, eat more, come back, put new paper in, eat some more, watch a daytime TV show, go back, put new paper in...well you get the idea! (and maybe I should stop snacking so much too!!)

After I cut a million hearts, I headed down to plop infront of the tv. 

To layer the hearts, I placed the first layer so it was slightly hanging over the bottom. 

Then I glued, and glued, and glued. Don't forget times 3 trees! 

To finish, I simply cut the stick on the heart topper down to a few inches, then put in the top of the tree. 

But I'm loving how they turned out! 

Hopefully you got a little sneak peek of the rest of my Valentine's mantel too. I'll share the whole thing soon :) 

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Simply LKJ said...

Super cute!

Christine Case said...

These are so cute, Lisa! I need to get or make some Valentine's decorations and you have inspired me. And I'm not gonna lie- it's a little funny that "Valentine's mantel" is a phrase in your vocabulary!

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Adorable. Found your blog while looking for painted furniture on Pinterest. Just so happens I also enjoy paper art so this is perfect. ;)

Our Pinteresting Family said...

Those are absolutely adorable! :) I love them. Megan

Lauren said...

These are really cute. I love the ombre effect. I am hosting a new link party and would love it if you would link up. http://www.ifitsnotbaroquedesignblog.blogspot.com/

Cynthia said...

How cute are these and creative. Great job!!!


Jenn @ Clean and Scentsible said...

So cute! I still can't believe I haven't made anything ombre yet! I love your little scrabble Valentine too! Thanks so much for coming out to the party at Clean and Scentsible. I'll be featuring these tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!
Jenn :)

Sharon - Crafts 'n Coffee said...

These are really cute (saw them on Clean & Scentsible). Definitely tweeting & pinning. Thanks for the inspiration. Sharon

Chelsea @ Making Home Base said...

So so SO Cute, Lisa!! I just can't get enough of these little trees. I love the ombre hearts!

sometimes-homemade.com said...

These are so cute and would be great for a lot of different holidays. I really need a Cricut! For now I'm lucky enough to borrow my mom's periodically at least.

Judy K said...

These are so cute. I will be featuring them tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

DIY Show Off said...

They're so cute, Lisa! What a fun creative project! :)

Jessica Munk said...

How many pieces of paper did you use? I'll be making these this week and want to make sure I do enough the first time :)

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