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When you just can't DIY and you need to call in the professionals: Our Backyard

We have a HUGE yard. It's about an acre in the back and it takes a lot of time to mow, weed, etc. 

We also have 2 dogs that love to run. 

I've been dreaming of a fence back here since the day we bought our house. But we knew from day one that this was not going to be a DIY project. It would have taken us way too long, we would have had to rent a ton of equipment, buy new tools, and we just didn't have the skills to do this (our yard only looks flat but actually has a lot of dips and drops).

So we saved and saved because we knew this wasn't going to be a cheap project. We paid cash (like we do all of our home improvement projects). We also shopped around a ton (for 2 years) got quotes and recommendations for companies and products.

We chose a local fence company with lots of great recs. We were able to drive by other houses that they had installed fences in and even got phone calls and emails from previous customers. I am so happy to say that it's finally done! 

It took a crew of 5-6 guys 2 days straight to finish. They worked from morning until well after dark. 

We love it, our dogs love it, and I can't wait until Little Man is bigger and he can enjoy it too. 

We have plans to put in a DIY swing set and we have to paint or stain the fence in the next few months as well. We will be doing that job ourselves as well as landscaping, but we had to call in the professionals for this job. 

Do you ever make the call to not DIY a project? Why? 

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Simply LKJ said...

We moved our fence last spring after having to remove a bunch of leland cypress trees. It is a huge job. One that we too hired out!! I am lucky that my brother is a landscaper however.

Amanda McCellon said...

I'm dying to be able to do this as well! When I built my home I only had money to fence in a small part of the backyard. I have about an acre in all and it's my hope to one day to the same thing and fence it all for the dogs - and to be able to landscape and add some entertaining area.

Cynthia said...

I agree a professional needed to come in to do this job. Your fur babies are adorable. I can't wait to see it finished.


Ali said...

Yay! I know you've wanted to do this for so long! It will be awesome for H when he gets older!

Christine Case said...

Looks great! The dogs have SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!! (Name the movie). XO!

Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review said...

yay! looks too good just awesome

Yolande Leake said...

Wow, that's some backyard you have! It must've costed you a lot to get it all fenced. Did you guys pick the style of the fences, or was this custom-built? Either way, you guys could've faced a lot of options and it must've been hard to keep track of everything. But at least this one was a simple fence project, so it isn't that daunting. Here's to hoping you enjoy the nice fence for your puppies!
Yolanda Leake @ Co-Construct.com

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