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New kitchen table (and my first post baby painting project!)

I've been itching to paint something for quite a while. I haven't had much time to refinish any furniture pieces because Little Man takes a lot of time. Also, I never have a 3-4 hour block where I can actually paint a piece and clean up my mess! Last weekend hubbs was around the whole weekend and was able to help with Little Man so I could get this project done. 

I've been wanting a new kitchen table for quite some time now. Our old one just wasn't cutting it with a new baby. It was a high top table and the chairs were very heavy. This was the best picture of our table I could find and it's only the corner! 

With his seat in place, we could only fit 3 other people at the table. If we ever had friends or family over, lots of people had to end up standing. Since a new table wasn't in the budget, I did something I'm always guilty of doing. I shopped from another room and I took our dining room table.

I knew I wanted a very durable surface. I also wanted it to be white and have a sheen so it would coordinate with our cabinets. Being on a time constraint, I needed something fast as well. 

The wonderful people at Rust-oleum were so kind to send me lots of their Lacquer Spray paint in white. This stuff is the bomb I tell ya! 

It was so easy to spray on with my spray gun handle and it dried to the touch in about 25 minutes.

 I was able to do 3 coats on the entire table in just a short amount of time.

 Because it's lacquer spray, it made a hard, shiny finish on my table, which is great when you have a little one starting to eat real food! 

It wipes off so easily and looks great too! 

Right now I haven't completely decided on the chair situation. I've been eyeing up a few different choices, but I don't really want to drop $200 on new chairs. 

The Ingolf from Ikea is one of my favorites, but I know Ikea whites are hard to match. 

The other one I've been eyeing is from Big Lots of all places. 

I love the teal/blue and I think it would look great with my island. I'm just not so set on the style of the chair yet. 

Both chairs are about $50 a piece so I'd be out $200-300 depending on it I went for 4 or 6 chairs. 

Hubbs likes a whole other option of having benches. But with kids I'm not sure benches are the best option. 

This frugal momma isn't quite sure about that yet so I'm hoping another option will appear! 

Overall I love the "new" table and I'm so happy to be back to painting again! 

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Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

Ahh! Your table looks great!! Shopping for chairs is the worst! I found some mismatched ones at a first Monday trade days! Just a thought if one is near you!

Julie Workman said...

Table looks great! I call 4 chairs and a bench...you can build a bench pretty cheap (sawdust girl and ana white have great plans!), and just scour craigslist for chairs. It might take a while, but you'll find what you're looking for. And even if you did go for the Ikea chairs, who's to say you can't throw a can of laquer at them too?

Erin McG said...

That looks AMAZING Lisa and like it's always belonged in your kitchen! I love your style!

The Copeland Clan said...

Hi Lisa! I too refinished a table and had four chairs but needed two more so I am currently re-upholstering two parsons chairs for the ends (I like a bit of contrast). I got four parsons chairs on Craig's List for 60 bucks! Just a thought! Or find wood chairs you could refinish! Good luck, looks great!

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